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Why your translator is better than others?


Most others smart translator are using language platform from Iflytek, Google, Microsoft and so on. Iflytek does not have server overseas, so the translation speed is not that fast. Google and Microsoft is too big, there are not focus on the language accuracy improving, they let machine to learn coz they have hugh database.

We are different. We have our own language platform.

We can provide 10mins fast updating on the translation accuracy.

There are 10 main languages in the world and over 5000 languages existing.

With our partners help from different countries, our flexibility can let the local language be translated more and more accurate.

For software functions, we have developed out 4 patented functions for customers:

1) Group chat with translation

2) AI Robot chatting

3) Voice recording and translation

4) Photo taking and translation

Except the software part, our hardware is using Qualcomm quad core CPU, which brings more stable and solid quality to customers.

People can use our T2 translator as a Mifi hotspot sharing.

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